Green Initiatives

As an organizational company, we follow business necessities of today's world. We use United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as our guidelines to determine our operations and initiatives.

We are always keen to use natural fibers in our production since our aim is to create high-quality fabrics. Our next generation young team is constantly researching developments in eco-friendly textiles which are filtered in reasonable pricing range.

Check out our sustainable textiles in yarns section. We have become a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (B.C.I) which is a non-profit oganization that regulates cotton supply certifying labour well being and environmental practices.. We have started to source our animal products with Non-Cruelty Certificates. These are operated with the most recent Information Technologies and we are looking forward to adapting more. This way, we can make the best collaborations with customers without causing harm on the environment and living beings.

Simultaneously, our collaborators in the sector are launching their sustainable intiatives. Our dyeing partner is certified in Oeko-Tex and GOTS. Likewise, our accesories partners have sustainable options available. For packaging, we use recycled plastic which is also biodegradble.

Ilteks sustainability does not only depends on eco-friendly materials but also practicality and efficiency. Our employees are incentivized to be decision makers where we overcome time waste and unnecessary sample production.

Any production surplus are either used for wholesale/retail or given away for charity.



We are a family-run business where we like to treat our employees as family. To have a family culture, we did not use corporate mind-set, which also gives us agility in responding to service orders. We use third party Sedex audit which is accessible on the certificates. Equality in workspace is a priority for us. We regularly use SEDEX certifications for proof and recruit equal amount of genders.

Stakeholder Management is a significant concept for our business. The main goal is to build intimate and long-term relationships with our customers. Transparency is a top priority for us. We use certified raw materials to contribute to a traceable supply chain within the industry. This way, we can be more open with our operations to our customers At the same time, we decreased our CO2 gas emissions by locating our business near to our sub-contractors (Dye, Accessories, Print etc.) Ilteks is a vertically integrated fabric mill that produce fabrics and garments so, there is no in house gas emissions. Our social aims is to contribute to a supply chain that operate without jeopardizing future generations' life quality.

Knitting Lifestyle
Our founder Ilya Niso Kohen was highly fond of high-quality knitwear where he devoted his life to produce high-quality fabrics. He saw knitting as a financial support for his family and put food on the table. Ilya's vision on collaboration, good faith and long-term business relationships thrived Ilteks Tekstil A.S. and led to where it is today. His principles built our business values our operational models. We see knitting as not just business but a heirloom. So we aim to develop a knitting lifestyle that will sustain a healthy society and life on land.

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