Outstanding Customer Service

About İlteks Tekstil

Ilteks Tekstil started to textile life in 1971, which has specialized for lady’s fabric and operated under this quality. In 1978 we switched our production to men’s wear and since than the production has continued under the supervision of our present chairman Mr. Ilya Kohen.

40 years of Production

Ilteks has expanded the production line and included mercerized single jersey fabric. We than concentrated on mercerized quality and put our whole weight on this segment. Since 1993 our production is based only on mercerized fabric cotton counts, 60/2 – 80/2 . Ilteks Tekstil production today is exported to various countries and continents from Europa to U.S.A.

Our range of fabrics

In time, we have also included %100 silk and partially silk fabrics as well as mixed linen, cashmere and wool products that are all available in our vast scala.
Ilteks Tekstil is a creative company, developing over 300 designs of its own every year with at least 8 combos per design. Above 170 colors, our company provides fast and timely service to our customers.

We also work together with our customers for further creativity, sharing each other’s ideas and vision. Design preparation is also one of the things that we believe to be strong.

Our Business

First of all, we are a high-end luxury knit wear manufacturing company. The way we operate has its levels. The first level is the fabric production. Whilst we manage the dyeing processes. Then, production of garments and finishing. After garment finishing we outsource any accessories required (barcoding, etiquette, buttons…). The final level is packaging. We can prepare the products ready-to-wear where we ship products directly to the stores or we ship to the customers.